Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Ideas for Locally Created Sea Salt Blends

Beautiful Brainy Sea Artisan Salt Blends are the latest creation of Shuzi Sheffield, owner of El Burrito on Harden St. She has a line of salt blends that are chock-full of minerals. Each jar is filled with sea salt, pink Himalayan salt and organic herb and spices. The first three are lavendar, rosemary, and gourmet mushroom blend and several more are works in progress. You can find a jar of rosemary is in my kitchen right now and I am enjoying the heck out of it. They will be carried at Whole Foods, but if you can't wait til then and live in Columbia, make a trip to the Gourmet Shoppe where you can find all three.

So now that you have made your trip to the Gourmet Shoppe to pick up your favorite if not all three, here are my ideas of ways to incorporate these salt blends in to your recipes:

Rosemary and mushroom blends will make the perfect rub for pork chops and sprinkled over popcorn. Lavendar sounds delicious sprinkled over asparagus. I recently made a batch of sugar cookies and sprinkled rosemary salt on top before they baked and I think next time I will have sprinkle half with rosemary salt and half with lavendar salt, because they were that delicious!


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