Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mango Mania!

My obsession with mangos started a little over two years ago. I don't know what exactly it is about mangos but I love everything from the way they taste to they way they smell in a scented candle. There's something about summer and mangos that goes well together.

Like I said it all started two years ago when I first started working when one of my coworkers introduced me to a great place to enjoy a summer lunch called, Tropical Smoothie Cafe. They have a combo where you can enjoy half a sandwich and smoothie for $6.99. We would go here for lunch at least 3 times a week, if nothing else at least to order a smoothie to go. The first smoothie I tried was called 'Mango Magic' and after trying several other flavors over the course of two years, it is still my absolute favorite. Let's put it this way, after about two weeks of ordering different flavors, I gave up because nothing came close and now I don't even think about ordering anything different-trust me it's that good!

A less expensive treat and I am sure a little better for you, is Simply Orange with Mango. I had always seen the Simply Orange and Lemonade products in the grocery store, but never thought to try them, because honestly I really only drink water and milk, with an occasional sweet tea and then there are those nights where I can't stop at just one glass of wine, ssshhhh, but mostly just milk and water. Anyways, it was last fall when I was in Atlanta visiting friends who recently had a baby and I was still talking about my summer obsession, mangos, when Ashley told me about Simply Orange with Mango. It was all she craved when she was pregnant--I hope I have that craving! I've been hooked ever since, but only buy it as a treat (my sugar intake is high enough without drinking drinks with tons of sugar).

Remember this delicious mango margarita I enjoyed on our recent trip to St. Simon's Island earlier this summer. If I lived on St. Simon's I would be a drunk. Seriously. It was that good!

On the same lines of a smoothie, I saw an ad in a magazine for Haagen Dazs Mango Sorbet. Of course it was immediately added to my grocery list for the week. It is yet another reason I love mangos, the flavor is unbelievable and it certainly hits the spot after a very hot and humid summer day. Try it, I think you will be hooked and it's fat free too (good thing because mangos are very high in fat)!

And after you have indulged in all these delicious treats, be sure to light this mango scented candle, called Mango Tango, by Tyler Candles. It it sure to fill your house with a sweet and juicy dance for the senses!

Happy Summer!

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  1. try ciao bella mango gelato! its my favourite mango product ! (: