Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

You are probably wondering why I am writing about my New Years' Resolution when it is almost the middle of June, but its because I've learned through the years in order to keep your resolution you need to make it something enjoyable and beneficial that will change or improve something you feel strongly about in your life.

As an adult I have continued to struggle with acne, sometimes I think it is worse now then when I was a teenager. I have tried everything from different types of prescription medications, topical creams, and face washes to over the counter products I've read about or friends have recommended. Some have helped improve my acne temporarily others have instantly made it worse, but nothing has caused it to stop completely.

On a trip home over the holidays, my Mom and I spent some time researching natural remedies for adult acne. The more research we did, the more I understood acne at my age is hormone related. It was from that day forward that I altered my diet to exclude certain items all together and a limited amount of others.

Since I was making these adjustments to my diet, I also decided to treat myself once a month to a deep cleansing facial. A facial a month is something we all should be doing, but if you are anything like me, I treat myself and make a commitment to set an appointment for next month and somehow it never happens.

I am very happy to say just shy of 7 months later, I have kept up with my New Years' resolution each month and am truly happy with the results. I still suffer from breakouts, but they are much improved.

What's your New Years resolution for 2010? Have you stuck with it? It's never too late to start...

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