Friday, June 11, 2010

The King and Prince

For the past week, Thomas and I have been enjoying my all expense paid company trip at the King and Prince Resort on St. Simons Island. This is our second year on the trip and actually our second time at the King and Prince. There is something very special to me about St. Simons and the King and Prince and although I haven't quite figured that part out, the same feeling is there every time I return.

Our mornings began with a delicious breakfast buffet, and my favorite the fresh fruit, was so sweet and absolutely delicious! We sat at the same table every morning, right in front of floor to ceiling windows that looked out at the beach. I can't think of a more enjoy way to enjoy breakfast each morning, as I could tell what a calming affect it had on me each morning we were there.

Our days were spent relaxing on the beach reading and having fun in the ocean while enjoying a cocktail here and there. For the curious, their pina colada's were my favorite! There is something enjoyable about not having to worry about what day or time it is, instead you gage your plans for the day based on where the sun is in the sky and your next meal.

Speaking of eating, St. Simons knows a lot about good food. We enjoyed true southern cooking and Texas size steaks at Bennie's Red Barn, delicious heart healthy Italian cuisine at Tramici's, and mouth watering seafood with breathtaking views of the water at Coastal Kitchen. My favorite lunch was BBQ from Southern Soul.

Southern Soul is definitely the best BBQ I've had since I've lived down South and even my Southern boyfriend agrees that nothing down here compares to Andy Nelson's in Hunt Valley, Maryland, until we found Southern Soul. BBQ from Southern Soul was so good, we had to go back two days in a row for lunch. The other days we enjoyed lunch by the pool at the outdoor grill.

The steaks at Bennie's Red Barn were unbelievable in size, Thomas didn't eat lunch that day so he could make enough room for his 20z. Porterhouse steak, which for the record he finished every last bit. I on the other hand enjoyed an 8oz. fillet with french fries. We shared a variety of appetizers and desserts at dinner each night and Tramici's was no different. I had grilled salmon in lemon vinaigrette with fresh artichoke hearts, spinach, and white beans, it was delicious and just the right amount! I will definitely have to try to recreate this recipe at home. And to save the best for last, crab and lobster ravioli at Coastal Kitchen. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I loved Lobster Ravioli at Cosmopolitans. Cosmo's has closed it doors and in my heart I know no restaurants lobster ravioli will ever compare to Cosmo's although, I do like to see if I can find something close and Coastal Kitchen was as close as I've been able to find.

I can't think of anything much better then waking up each morning and looking out your french doors to your private balcony and seeing this...

When we checked out on Wednesday, I felt like I was leaving my heart behind. It hurt, but the hurt reminds me every day what I need to do to stay on track to reach my goal so I can be a part of our company trip each year.

Cheers to a wonderful trip, with wonderful people, and hopes of returning next year...

(this isn't just any margarita, it's a mango flavored margarita and was de-licious!)

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