Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekend, is that you?

Although it's only Wednesday, Saturday feels like forever ago. I wish weekends would last forever, but then I guess if that was the case they wouldn't been so exciting. My boss invited Thomas and I over for dinner and a boat ride on Lake Murray on Saturday evening. Being a polite guest, I of course asked what I could bring and he said dessert. Boss Man must of read my mind because I love to bake! Not knowing whether we were going to eat dinner on the boat or at their house, I decided I would make Symphony Bar Brownies and fish shaped sugar cookies since I knew both of those were easy to transport.

Boss Man and his wife have a beautiful house outside of downtown Columbia close to Lake Murray. After briefly getting lost, because I thought I remembered how to get there, we arrived a shortly after 6:30pm. We enjoyed a cocktail before dinner, Boss Man made a Peach Fuzz for his wife and myself, while him and Thomas enjoyed a beer. The Peach Fuzz was delicious by the way, I will have to ask for the recipe and share it with you! Dinner was ready soon there after. They made a shrimp boil and Boss Man made his own recipe for cocktail sauce which was out of this world. It was so good I could have eaten it by the spoonful, seriously. Did I just take that too far? Whatev, it really was that good!

We left the house for the boat without clearing the table because we were going to miss the sunset if we didn't hurry. To be more specific, we were headed out on the boat to Bomb Island which is an island in the middle of Lake Murray where over 750,000 Purple Martins come to roost on this island every evening during the summer. Before last summer, I had never heard of such a thing! By Boss Man's description I thought I understood, but boy was I wrong. This is unlike anything I've ever seen. We made it to Bomb Island just in time and there were at least 50 boats already scattered around the island watching the Purple Martins.

We were in such a rush to make it there in time, I forgot to bring my camera, but here is a picture from Google to give you an idea of the crazy number of birds there are on the island.

Once the sun set and the Purple Martins were finished putting on their show, we cruised around the lake for a little while longer, before heading back to the house. Boss Man has many hobbies, but his most recent is old cars. Sometimes when the weather is nice he will drive one to the office and take us all for rides. Thomas has heard Boss Man talk about his old cars when we have been on my company trip or when he has gone fishing with him, but he has never gotten to see them in person.

When we arrived back at the house the ladies headed for inside, while the men stood around outside talking about cars, but before I knew it Boss Man was back in the house asking if we were ready. Of course I asked, ready for what? He replied, to go for a ride! I am sure I had a puzzled look on my face, wondering how four adults were going to fit in to a tiny two seater convertible? What I soon found out when I stepped outside was Thomas sitting in the drivers seat of the MG.

Silly me, we weren't all riding in one car, Boss Man and his wife were riding in the Austin Healey while Thomas and I followed in the MG. Two thoughts went through my head: 1) Thomas do you know how to drive this car? Please don't wreck this car this is my Boss or kills us! 2) Thank you Boss Man for introducing Thomas to this expense hobby, I am forever doomed!
We drove around Lake in the old cars for close to hour. Obviously Thomas didn't kill us and I lived to tell you that crusing around town in the MG was SO much fun!

The entire evening was a blast thanks to Boss Man and his wife! We can't wait to do it again soon!