Friday, July 23, 2010

Bloody Marys

I enjoy Bloody Marys probably a little too much, but I absolutely love a drink that is both salty and spicy. Through my process of sipping and sampling bloody marys from various restaurants, bars, and as a guest in friend's homes, I pin pointed two key ingredients that are necessary for a perfect bloody mary.

We all know there are many choices when it comes to drink mixers, so much so it is overwhelming at times. Most of the time when you are in need of mixer it's for a sugary drink like pina coladas, strawberry daqauris, etc. and how can you really go wrong when its sugar and more sugar. On the other hand, it seems hard to find a Bloody Mary mix that isn't bland. Like I said earlier, the reason why I like Bloody Marys is for the devine combination of salt and spice. Look no further than Zing Zang. It is the only Bloody Mary mix out of a bottle that I have been able to find with spicy flavor. There is nothing worse then vodka and tomato juice if you ask me.

Absolut Peppar. Yes, there is actually a purpose for this flavor vodka. If you are like me when this vodka debuted a few years ago and there was advertisement after advertisement for Absolut Peppar in magazines, I kept thinking to myself, what drink could possibly call for pepper flavored vodka? Then it hit me! Bloody Mary's,duh! And I can tell you from first hand experience it makes a huge difference. It adds extra zing the drink!

Now that you know the two key ingredients for a delicious Bloody Mary, here are some additional ideas of how to take your drink to the next level!

Rim the glass first with lime juice then with Old Bay seasoning or celery salt
Add a celery stalk or pickle spear to the inside of the glass
Add as much horseradish as desired for added spice
Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime and/or a piece of shrimp


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