Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Making Your Own Spa Cucumber Water

For a refreshing, calorie free, cost free beverage, try adding a couple of slices of cucumber (scrubbed, but not peeled) to a glass or pitcher of ice water. It's heavenly!

Cucumber water improves the taste of tap water. Spa aficionados already experience the benefits of cucumber water for improving the look of your skin. On top of it, the drink is easy to make at home.

Cucumber Water Recipe

*In order for the cucumber to fully release its juice, you need to prepare it the day before your event.


1 cucumber sliced and peeled + 6-7 cucumber slices for decoration
1 1/2 to 2 liters of filtered water
Half a lemon sliced and unpeeled (optional)
Ice cubes


In a pitcher mix the water, cucumber, and lemon (optional). Let it rest in the refigerator for 24hours. If you prepare the water at the last minute. cut the first cucumber in 3 to 4 pieces. Then squeeze the cucumber pieces to release all the juice.

Before serving remove the cucumber slices used to flavor the water. Then stir with a wooden spoon, add some ice cubes, and 6 or 7 fresh cucumber slices.

Enjoy this refreshing drink!

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