Friday, August 27, 2010

Would You Use Swipely?

Swipely is the new Twitter for your credit card. It's a free online service and social network where members can share their purchases with their friends. Users post and recommend purchases, see where friends are spending and what their friends are buying. Basically, Swipely syncs with your credit card so every purchase you make shows up on your profile page.

Sounds somewhat terrifying, huh? Having everyone know exactly what you buy, when you bought it and what you paid. Well luckily, Swipely figured out an approval process, so nothing appears on your page that you haven't okay it first. Also, the site does not disclose monetary information associated with the purchases, whew! However, you do have the option to add it yourself.

Probably the coolest feature about Swipely is the ability to describe and discuss your purchases. I think many retailers would be interested in this information since they would be able to dissect how, why, and what consumers are buying.

The idea of sharing your wardrobe additions with others is neat, but I think the biggest catch for Swipely would be if they had stylish celebrities sign up for it. Who wouldn't be interested in knowing exactly where someone like Reese Witherspoon shops and what she buys? I doubt I'm the only one.

I must admit I was very leery when I first started reading about Swipely and I can say after doing more research on Swipely for this post, my leeriness hasn't gone away.

What are your thoughts and opinions? Would you use Swipely?

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  1. I dont think I would. Idk, I just dont think Id care much where people shop, including celebs