Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National S'mores Day!

Who doesn't want to be a kid again, at least sometimes? S'mores are one of those treats that makes me feel like a kid again. My parents were never interested in taking me camping or to the mountains when I was a kid, but there were plenty of times at our family picnic with my Mom's side of the family that we would all stand around the fire and roast marshmallows to make s'mores. Then there were other times where we wanted to make s'mores, say in the middle of the summer when there is obviously no campfire to be found! So we would make our own version of the campfire treat in 30 seconds in the microwave by taking half a graham cracker, a square of Hershey's chocolate bar, and a marshmallow and put it in the microwave just enough time to soften the chocolate and marshmallow. Once it was finished in the microwave we took it out and used the other half of the graham cracker to smash down the softened marshmallow. Our s'more was now complete and ready to eat!

In honor of National S'mores Day I thought it might be neat to add an addition to traditional recipe of graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, and chocolate with a smear of peanut butter. What do you think? You could also top this treat with slices of bananas or your favorite summer fruits, a dash of coconut, or better yet replace the square of chocolate with a Reese's peanut butter cup or your favorite hot fudge and the graham crackers with chocolate chip cookies! The possibilities are endless...Oh and don't forget a large glass of cold milk to go with!

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