Friday, August 6, 2010

Tax Free Weekend!

So it's that time of year again! Are you ready? Back to school is around the corner and this weekend kicks off tax free shopping in many states! If you live in or nearby a state that offers a tax free weekend (or week) you can save a considerable amount of money by planning your back-to-school shopping or large purchases around these dates.

I have listed below each state that offers sales tax holidays and the dates the events are offered in 2010. If your state is listed for a tax free holiday, be sure to check what items in your state qualify for the savings.

2010 States Sales Tax Holidays

Alabama-August 6-8

Conneticut-August 15-21

Florida-August 13-15

Illinois- August 6-15

Iowa-August 6-7

Louisana-August 6-7

Maryland-August 8-14

Mississippi- July 30-31 (just missed it!)

Missouri- August 6-8

New Mexico-August 6-8

North Carolina-August 6-8

Oklahoma-August 6-8

South Carolina-August 6-8

Tennessee-August 6-8

Texas-August 20-22

Viriginia-August 6-8

Now that you have marked your tax free holiday on your calendar you have an excuse to go shopping! Don't you live for weekends like these? I sure do!

Happy Shopping!


  1. So wonderful for everyone! Not for me. Arkansas does not have a tax free weekend-boo. Everyone else needs to do lots of extra shopping since I cannot!!

  2. This was super helpful!! Now all I need to do is mark my calendar. :o)

    What if you could state hop for Tax Free weekends? Haha. Go shop in Louisiana one weekend and then Florida the next! Random thought.

    Anyway, hope you have a fab weekend! Newest follower.