Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I can't quite remember, but I would say it was close to two years ago that I first picked up Eat, Pray, Love. This was around the time when its popularity soared through the roof. I really enjoyed the first part of the story where Liz discovers herself in Italy. I spent a semester abroad in college studying in Florence, Italy and it was so neat to read this part of the book and be able to picture myself back in Italy. It was about half way through the pray section when the story just wasn't moving fast enough to keep my interest. In fact, it was moving so slow, it was boring me to death. So as I am sure you can guess I never was able to finish the pray section in order to make it to the love part of the story and therefore never finished the book. However, my terrible attempt at reading the book didn't stop me from seeing the movie!

Last night I went to dinner with my friend Katie and afterwards we went to see the 7:30pm showing of Eat Pray Love. I think I can describe the movie in two words: slow and boring; unfortunately just like the book. If you are like me and had a hard time getting through the book, to the point where you didn't even finish it (I usually don't put down a book without finishing it) then you will feel the exact same way when you see the movie.

The movie wasn't a total disappointment, but it definitely isn't one I would recommend to my friends or sit down and watch time and time again. However, Julia Roberts was fantastic and the beautiful scenery of Bali was incredible.

What are your thoughts and opinions of the novel and/or the movie?


  1. I as well watched the movie and read the book. I took the book with me to the beach back in May, and it took all of my will power to finish it in four days. The book was well written and I enjoyed it, but the movie was slow. It could have lasted for days and still not cover everything. Although both were very enjoyable, I probably won't be reading or seeing either again.

  2. I just found your blog through follow friday- love it! I totally agree with your review of the movie. I saw it last night and very bored. Loved the scenery and Julia Roberts but it was just so long and slow. Three couples got up and left the theater!