Monday, August 9, 2010

Favorite Summer Sandwich

Two Sundays ago when I returned home from my girls weekend at the beach, I was tired. Tired from the work week, staying up later then I normally do on the weekends and of course the three hour car ride back home. Although, I was tired, I hadn't seen Thomas since earlier in the week since he had been working late every night, so of course I asked him to come over for dinner! As you might have guessed neither one of us felt up to making an elaborate dinner that required lots of time and effort. So as we stood in the aisles of the grocery store staring in to outer space trying to come up with ideas for dinner. Then it hit me, tomato sandwiches! Tomato sandwiches are my favorite summer sandwiches. There is something about several cold slices of tomatoes piled high on fresh bread with a tad of mayonnaise and lots of salt and pepper. Yes I like it that plain.

However, I knew when I said tomato sandwiches Thomas would look at me and say, I want meat. That is a constant battle between us. Thomas won't even go one meal without having meat. I am not a big meat person, I could honestly take it or leave it, but Thomas on the other hand can not live without it. I understand completely though, he is guy that loves his meat. I just don't understand how one meal without meat once every blue moon will kill you? He certainly acts like its the end of the world, you catch my drift?

Before Thomas could reject my tomato sandwich idea, I quickly interjected, how about BLTs? His eyes immediately lit up! SCORE!!! I was so excited, nothing sounded more tasty then a tomato sandwich for me and a BLT for Thomas! I won't lie, I actually put one piece of bacon broken in half on my sandwich, but there was more slices of tomatoes then anything. Of course Thomas didn't stop with just a BLT, he also heated up a can of New England Clam Chowder.

Thomas' BLT!

When I'm in the mood to "doctor up" my tomato sandwich I like to add pesto or a tad of chipotle mayonnaise for an extra kick!

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