Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eloise Gets Her Own Suite at The Plaza

One of my favorite characters, Eloise, from the children's book series "Eloise" by Kay Thomspon has finally has her own suite at The Plaza! My mom first introduced me to the series of books when I was a little girl and I of course fell in love with Eloise! The "Eloise" series was first published in 1955 (something I didn't know until I was doing research for this post).

Eloise is a lovable six year old girl who lived in The Plaza with her nanny, her pet turtle Skipperdee and pet pug Weenie. Millions of copies of the books have been sold and have caused readers to fall in love with Eloise due to all the trouble she caused by making prank calls to the guests, befriending the butlers and braiding her pet turtle's ears!

Eloise: "I absolutely love the Plaza!"

The suite at the Plaza was designed by Betsy Johnson who is known for her whimsical creations. The elaborately decorated room on the 18th floor features pink striped walls, zebra print carpet, and a king size bed with Eloise bedding and lots of pillows just in case you have the urge for a pillow fight! Eloise's room also has a small kitchenette stocked with pink glasses and plenty of candy, a flat-screen TV, DVD player, and of course plenty of Eloise books!

Pictures of Eloise's Suite!

Eloise: "Think Pink. A better way of life!"

The suite officially opens August 16th and according to The Plaza they have already received numerous reservations. With that being said, are you ready to be sticker shocked? The cost for the room is $995 per night!!! Then again, maybe that isn't that shocking to you if you know the cost of everything in NYC is through the roof! If you have ever spent the night in a hotel in NYC then you know first hand how much money you will fork over to stay the night in what I refer to as a budget hotel! In case you are wondering what parents are to do while their daughter (s) are spending the night in Eloise suite, don't worry the suite is attached to two adult rooms. The price tag for all three rooms is $2,000 a night. No big deal, that's pocket change, right? Wishful thinking!

If you are like me and will not be fortunate enough to stay the night at The Plaza hotel in the Eloise suite, do know that in the lobby of the hotel there is an Eloise boutique (opened in December 2009) featuring Eloise toys, dresses and of course books! If you have a little girl of your own or know someone who does, anything "Eloise" makes a great gift, but especially the books.

The Eloise Boutique at The Plaza!

Most of you reading this blog are well past the age of reading children's books unless you have daughter of your own, however I kid you not these books will put a smile on you face no matter your age. Not only is the Eloise series a great story the illustrations make the story even better and more real! The next time you are in a bookstore, pick up an Eloise book and take a look. You will quickly find out what I am talking about and I promise it will make you wish you were a little girl again!

Eloise's Bedroom was always a mess!

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