Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Girls Beach Weekend!!!

This past weekend I met 11 of my best girlfriends at Wrightsville Beach, NC for a girls weekend at the beach! And what a fun and fabulous weekend it was!!! Since we graduated college it has been tradition to get together in the mountains over Martin Luther King weekend, boyfriends included. After our annual trip to the mountains this year we decided we wanted to plan a girls weekend at the beach this summer. We settled on Wrightsville Beach because it was within reasonable distance for everyone to reach for a weekend.

So let the weekend begin! Everyone had arrived at the Blockade Runner Hotel in Wrightsville Beach by Friday evening. We settled in to our adjoining hotel rooms and started getting ready for our first night! The entire weekend was just like being back at college and the fun of getting ready with everyone brought back lots of memories. An impressive hour and half later all 11 of us were showered, dressed, and out the door.

The first night outside our hotel!

Side Note: Let me just tell you about the staff at the Blockade Runner Hotel. Everyone was magnificent! They drove us to dinner each night, picked us from the restaurant when we were finished, dropped us off downtown, and picked us back up at the end of night (multiple pick ups since not all of us wanted to go home at the same time). It was so nice to not have to worry about calling taxis! The staff brought us extra towels and ice whenever we called and also promptly came to turn back on our electricity after we blew a fuse from all the hair dyers and straighteners. I highly recommend this hotel for stay in Wrightsville Beach.

One of our drivers, Chris!

Friday evening we had drinks and dinner at Dockside. Everything was delicious and our waitress did an amazing job keeping everything straight!

Group picture at Dockside!

It's a Katie Picture!

After dinner one of the guys from the hotel picked us up and made a stop for us at the gas station for 5 hour energy. This stop turned in to a nightly tradition! I have seen 5 hour energy plenty of times and obviously never had a reason to pay any attention to it, but Lindsey swears there is no way we can go out without it, as we are now old. Disclaimer: 5 hour energy tastes horrible no matter what flavor you buy. The orange it very bitter and the pomegranate and berry taste disgusting, almost like cheap sugar, if there is such a thing.

Picture of an empty 5 Hour Energy from Friday night that we found in the Yukon on Saturday night, oops!

From the gas station our drive was short to down town. Our first stop was Loggerheads followed by 22 North which I renamed Catch 22 because I could never seem to remember the name 22 North.

Everyone at Loggerheads, Cheers!

So I guess we forgot how much attention eleven girls draw. Everywhere we went people were asking us what we were celebrating, I think someone finally said "ourselves". Which is absolutely true, no we are not celebrating a bachelorette or some one's birthday, we are spending the weekend together like the good ol' days. And I know you have been probably thinking there is no way eleven girls are really that close, well you're wrong. We are all the best of friends that all get along with hardly any drama and are as close knit as if we saw each other everyday when in actuality we are spread across several different States!

The entire night was tons of fun, I wish we could go out together like this every weekend! And I should mention that everyone returned to the hotel safe and sound which always makes any evening a success!

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning, that's apparently what happens when you are old!We ate a communal breakfast and then headed to the beach where we stayed the entire day, literally.

Lindsey and Katie-love their swimsuits!

Two Katie's!

We couldn't have asked for better weather, the sun was shining, there was a nice breeze and the water temperature was perfect. Seven hours later, we decided we had enough sun and needed to start getting ready for our last evening. However, before any one could head inside, we of course had to have a group photo shoot! The guy who was kind enough to take our picture(s) did a great job and I can't say that about many guys, not even our boyfriends!

All 11 of us!

Our weak attempt at a pyramid!

We made reservations for Saturday night at Blue Water. Everything about Blue Water was fantastic, The AMAZ-ING view, AMAZ-ING drinks, and AMAZ-ING seafood made for the perfect evening! Lindsey and I split fried calamari and each ordered our own shrimp cocktail. Everything was delicious, but I have to say I wish I would have ordered the scallops. Bailey was kind enough to share one of hers with me and I almost died and went to heaven. The scallop pretty much just melted in my mouth!

Outside the hotel on our last night!

View from our table at Blue Water!

Everyone at dinner!

The events that took place after dinner were the same as the night before, driver arrived, stopped by the gas station for more 5 hour energy, and got dropped off downtown at Loggerheads and eventually made our way to Catch 22 I mean, 22 North!

I know this post doesn't sound nearly as exciting as the weekend truly was, but there is no way I could possibly share jokes and stories here because 1) they stories are way too long 2) they wouldn't be nearly as funny and 3) you just had to be there! (Please don't take offense.)

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have attended the University of South Carolina and join a sorority where I met my best friends! I know our friendships will continue to grow as we journey through our lives, but I know one thing that will always stay the same and that's each one of us. I can't imagine my life without any one of these girls, they are not only my best friends, but they truly are the sisters I never had!

Best Friends!

I miss you all already and can't wait for next year! (Although I know I will see you all WAY before then!)

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  1. Katie, you are just absolutely adorable! Thanks for the follow, I'm glad we found each other! I'm happy to be following as well! :) Enjoy your weekend pretty girl! xoxoxox - Trishy