Monday, June 6, 2011

Since I've Been Gone...

I've been doing TONS of this...

by this...

but mostly this...

We've been here, Charleston & Isle of Palms, SC
and here, Savannah, GA

And here back to Savannah to celebrate the soon to be, Mrs. Stansell!

And I've been to DC!

And we've been to Asheville, NC to celebrate newly married, Mr. & Mrs. Stansell!

And I've been to Las Vegas!

Then here, Fripp Island, SC

to celebrate the future Mrs. Wiley!

And this past weekend I've been home!

But don't worry I'm not getting too comfortable because... we're leaving again real soon!

I promise starting today I am back with regular posting!


  1. wait, just one second here little miss!!!! You were home this weekend?!

  2. Yayayayay your back to the blog!!!!!!!!