Monday, June 20, 2011


I'll be the first to admit, I have never had an interest in owning an iPad. It's nothing against the product, I just couldn't imagine typing e-mails, blogging, etc. on an iPad. So what else would I need it for? Surfing the internet, duh! I have an HP netbook that I purchased close to two years ago, which I have really enjoyed. I love its compact size and light weight which makes it easy to transport and travel with yet it still has all the functionality of a laptop. Well all this changed on Friday...

I won an iPad at work about a month ago and it literally has been in the box up until Friday. I even told Thomas that he could have it because I didn't want it. He should have taken it when I offered because within minutes of setting it up and surfing the web, I was in heaven and wondering what took me so long to open the box! The iPad is amazing and I can't tell you how much more enjoyable it is to surf the web on it than my netbook!

I still enjoy blogging from my netbook and if I have work to do I use my work laptop, but for typing e-mails and surfing the web I chose my iPad. Although I am new to the iPad world, I am not new to Apple. I've had my iPhone4 for almost a year now and I swore before I purchased it, I would never give up on Blackberry, boy was I wrong! I'm hooked on Apple products and I don't think that will ever change.

All this being said, I need your help! I obviously need and want to purchase a screen protector and case for my iPad. I have an the Commuter Otterbox case on my iPhone which I love and I have a super thick screen protector from AT&T that has eliminated all types of scratches. I know Otterbox makes the Commuter case for the iPad, but I nervous about the screen not having a cover to protect it other than the thin screen protector Otterbox sends you with the case.

Do you all have any recommendations? Stylish yet protective and functional is ideal, but I can do away with the stylish part for something good quality!

I appreciate all your help!

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