Friday, January 7, 2011


I received this kitchen gadget as a Christmas present and I can't wait to use it! While in college, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for a semester and I of course had to enrolled in a cooking class. Our professor always referred to this gadget as "Buzz" because it really does just that!

Meet "Buzz!"
An immersion blender is perfect for whipping up smoothies in a glass, pureeing soups on the spot, and one of my favorites, making pesto from scratch and the list goes on. Last year, I posted on of my favorite smoothie recipes and to be honest I have gotten away from making them each morning because having the blender always sitting out on the counter was taking up to much room. Fear no more, "Buzz" has come to the rescue!

What's one of your favorite kitchen gadget's that makes your life easier?


  1. hmmmmm I think I might need one of these. I bought that bullet thing and it words great WHEN IT WILL. It's a strange thing. Thanks for this:)

    Happy Friday:)

  2. it's also really good for making spaghetti sauce in a hurry. I blend mine when I don't have time to let it simmer all day and it works like a charm.

    PS-thanks for the encouraging words on running!