Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shop Til You Drop! & A Big WIN!

'Tis the season! Last weekend Thomas' Mom and I went to Charlotte to shop! Honestly, I can't think of better way to spend a day. We had so much fun and literally shopped til we dropped! We hit all of our favorite stores and made some great purchases, all for ourselves of course. Even though we had Thomas' birthday coming up and of course Christmas, we didn't let the stress of the Holiday season tear us down. In our minds, it was just another fun day shopping!

About mid afternoon we took a break to refuel our bodies with some delicious Italian food. Our sandwiches hit the spot and not too much later we were back on our feet shopping. After a full day of shopping we listened to Christmas music on our drive home. We both agreed that we don't think about decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but that it wasn't too early to listen to Christmas music because there is just isn't enough time to enjoy Christmas music!

Later that night, while resting our feet from our fabulous shopping day, we watched the Carolina Gamecocks BEAT the Florida Gators for the SEC Championship!!!! The first time in USC history might I add! Gooo Cocks!


  1. too funny! I did the EXACT SAME THING last saturday! Were you at south park mall? if so..we prob. so passed one another...good times.

  2. Hi Katie. I work with the University of South Carolina and like to feature young alumni blogs on our social media sites ( and I would love to feature yours and was wondering if you are on twitter so that I could tag you in my post. Please let me know.



  3. Elizabeth--I was at South Park! Just like you said, I'm sure we passed each other and had no idea!

    Steve--You are more then welcome to feature my blog on the University's social media sites. I am on twitter, you can find me under katielady0708. Thanks!