Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Edict: An announcement of a law.

Lucky Magazine is celebrating their 10th anniversary in December and in their December issue they had an article entitled "After a decade at Lucky, these are the 100 edicts the editors, live by." I didn't include all 1o0 edicts in this post, rather just the ones that I thought were most interesting. I hope you enjoy reading and learn something new!
Beachy waves are always sexy.
Your hair will be shinier if you final rinse is with cold water.
blow-dry side to side rather than (or in addition to) upside down for volume.
The biggest mistake people make in the shower is not getting their hair wet enough--without a ton of water, shampoo neither gets in or out of hair well, leaving it duller than dull.
Braids are sexy, cute, and the only acceptable form of pigtail.
Makeup & Beauty
Beauty products make the best presents: they seem incredibly personal, but there not.
An ultra-pale pedicure makes your feet look tanner. Same with silver.
A bit of face oil patted on over makeup really revives your whole look.
The most powerful anti aging weapon currently available besides injections and plastic surgery--retinol.
Any two shades of lipstick, mixed, are almost always super flattering.
Your favorite highly pigmented lipstick also makes a great sheer cheek stain: Blot on with your fingers, blot again with a tissue.
Self-tanner makes you look instantly thinner and well-rested.
Melted candle wax makes a very fine cuticle cream.
Sunscreen doubters should consider the amazing linelessness of their body parts that never see the sun.
No beauty product can do for you what eight hours of sleep can. AMEN!
Pale nail polish lasts much longer.
If you use face powder, apply it sparingly to your T-zone only.
If you're out of scrub (face or body), remember that ancient implement, the washcloth.
Always apply powder with a brush. Even compact powder.
Thong underwear is not a necessity under most clothing.
If your bra is riding up, it's too big (in number, not letter) so swap your 34B for 32B.
Don't by underwear that needs to be hand washed-inevitably you'll end up putting it in the washing machine and it'll get trashed.
Hanky Panky underwear is the only brand that also works when you're pregnant.
Your bra straps can show; your underwear straps never should.
New Clothes
Shop for boots in August before they all sell out.
Always have at least one black tie dress in your closet in case of last-minute celebrating.
Go to Zara on Tuesday when the new shipment comes in.
Don't shop for clothes when you're tan, thin, or in the Bahamas because everything looks good when you're tan, thin, and in the Bahamas.
Every season buy a white cotton Miu Miu top. You'll never regret the splurge.
Looking for a dress when you actually need one will rarely lead to a successful find.
Buy clothes that you'll wear on a Tuesday afternoon, not a Saturday night--few people lead Saturday-night lives.
Don't wear new shoes to a wedding or your first day of work.
Black Tights
Black opaque tights make everyone's legs look good.
Black tights can look great through open-toe shoes (as long as the tights aren't sheer). Nude tights can never look great. Full stop.
The only brands to eve buy blacker-than-opaque tights from: Tabio, Commando, and Wolford.
Roll. Never Fold.
Check out the weather report--it gets cold in Cuba and hot in Alaska.
Put a change of clothes and a few toiletries in your hand luggage--so your toothbrush (along with the rest of your luggage) doesn't go to Albany when you go to Austria.
Never get on an airplane without a cashmere blanket or huge scarf.
Bring an extra bag: the kind that rolls up really small--in case you really go shopping on your trip.
Pack socks and good snacks in your carry on.
Pouch everything: all your electronics go in one, toiletries go in another, and so on.
Avoid being featured on Hoarders by living the "one in, one out" mantra: if you buy something new, take something else out and sell it on eBay or donate it.
Color code.
Try on your entire wardrobe every six months with an honest friend or mirror nearby.
Pack two bags: one for Goodwill and one for the maybes. Give aways the first, and revisit the second in six months. It eases you into the breakup.
Salespeople & Shopping
Most useless advice from a salesperson "you can wear it with jeans."
Things that look crappy on a hanger could look gorgeous once you put them on.
If something is expensive, leave it behind for 24 hours. If you're still obsessed with it the next day, buy it.
Biggest turnoff from a salesperson "This is our bestselling ______!"
If you're feeling lost, trail the chicest woman in the store and check out what she checks out.
In-store lighting is not to be trusted. Stand by a window.
Black will always be the new black. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.
Mixing navy and black or pink and red can look very chic.
You can put almost any prints together as long as they have something in common (color, shape, style).
The one remaining style rule to never break: no more than three colors to one outfit.
Crazy colors can be basics: We've had to resole our coral patent ballet flats a zillion times while barely wearing out black ones.
Tailoring & Fit
It's good to have a pair of jeans hemmed for flats and another pair hemmed for heels.
Fitted jackets and coats always make you feel skinny, even with you're pregnant.
If you have curves and want to wear voluminous clothes, get to know your belts. It's the only way you won't look like a dump truck.
Your waist isn't where you think it is. It's about three inches higher. The most flattering spot for a waisted dress to hit is just under the rib cage.
The stitching at the top of the jeans will never stretch, so size up if it leaves a red mark.
Find a good tailor and be very nice to him. He could be your greatest asset.
Cigarette pants with flats will always make you look feminine.
An off the shoulder top should still skim your shoulder.
Shoes & Bags & Little Leather Things
If shoes are only marginally comfortable when you try them on in the store you can be sure they'll be excruciating on the street.
Always have two pairs of boots in your closet that aren't scuffed up tall black ones and flat brown ones.
If you invest in a Chanel bag, you will carry it for the rest of your life.
By age 30, every woman should own three pairs of comfortable flats, three pairs of walkable heels, and two pairs of total sexpot stilettos.
Know how to use your local shoe repair--they can also clean your bags, punch holes in your belts, and dye stuff.
The best and most comfortable flats are usually the cheapest.
In life you will need four bags- a big slouchy weekend one, two-good-looking but practical work ones, and a sleek evening one. Minimum.
Resole your favorite shoes as often as it takes. You will miss them when they die.
A long-sleeved gown can be completely sexy. The same is not true of a long skirt and long-sleeve top, which can look completely polygamist.
A leather jacket looks great with a party dress.
Pairing a boyish piece with a girly one will make you look like you know how to dress.
When all else fails, a skinny cardigan can pull any look together.

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