Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gaga for Gaga

Baby I was born this way, baby I was born this way, baby I was born this wayyyy! Ask Thomas and he will tell you I've lost it! I am absolutely gaga for Lady Gaga's first single "Born this Way" off her latest album that is out May 23rd! I've always been a huge Lady Gaga fan and I am really kicking myself for not going to see her in concert this past fall when she was in Charlotte, NC, but at $110 per ticket, I talked myself out of it. Why????

My sweet girlfriends, well maybe just one girlfriend, promised that she will book a private Lady Gaga concert for me for my bachelorette party! I didn't know my friends were millionaires and holding out on me, but hey a private Lady Gaga concert with my best friends, I'll take it! Good thing I don't have a ring on my finger so they have plenty of time to save up!

Are you gaga for Gaga??? I think of her as our modern day Madonna and I lovvve old school Madonna, who doesn't?

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