Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a very eventful weekend and we are of course sad to see it go. Friday's weather was cold and rainy, so Thomas and I went to a local favorite for some comfort food; cheese fries and pizza. Let's get one thing straight, these cheese fries aren't just any cheese fries. I'm sure you are thinking fries with runny cheese dip poured over the fries that then turn soggy before you even get your hands on them. Not these cheese fries! The Whig's cheese fries go a little something like this: a large bowl full of fries with a variety of shredded cheeses melted on top with a side of ketchup and ranch. Can we say comfort food heaven?

Saturday night we attended a couples stock the bar shower for our friends Christi & Jake who are tying the knot this May! We had a fun time celebrating with them as well as fabulous time at the party with several of our friends who came in from out of town. Saturday night brought back memories of being in college and all of us being in the same place!

My camera was MIA all weekend, which is unfortunate since I really meant to take a picture of the gift we gave Christi & Jake. Before Christmas I found a cozy faux fur wine/liquor bag from Pottery Barn that I knew would be perfect for their shower especially since it was during the cold winter months and these napkins at a local boutique back home in Baltimore.

We filled the faux fur bag with a bottle of liquor and I wrapped the napkins in clean cellophane with a ribbon and used the tie from the faux fur bag to attach the napkins to the bag. I love giving gifts and I think the best gifts to give are the ones you want to keep for yourself!

Thanks to Bess, Lindsey, Katie, & Kelley for hosting a wonderful shower!

An the icing on the cake was watching the Super Bowl with some close friends and seeing the Packers W-I-N!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday y'all!

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