Friday, September 3, 2010

Unique Gift Idea for Any Occasion!

I always set out with the best intentions of finding an original yet thoughtful gift for the recipient. Then time sneaks up on me and I never seem to leave myself enough time for ordering, customizing, processing, and receiving the order in time for the when I need the gift.

This is one of things I don't like most about myself. I procrastinate and procrastinate mostly because I keep thinking I am going to find something better or talk myself in to thinking the recipient won't like what I have given them or some other ridiculous reason. How crazy is that? . So, I as of recent I have been paying more attention and trying to overcome this internal process and plan ahead so I have plenty of time to order and receive the gift in time for the occasion.

Last month I wrote about our trip to Atlanta for Hudson's 1st Birthday Party. Whether or not he had a birthday party or not I knew his birthday was fast approaching so I decided I would start searching for the "perfect" gift. Well most kid's birthday gifts are toys and I certainly was not going to deprive Hudson of a toy, but that part was easy, it was going to have to be something Elmo because that's his favorite! However I didn't want to show up with just toys, I of course wanted to be different. I wanted the gift to include something special for the family to remember Hudson's first year. That's when I found Nella Designs Paper Studio.

Nella Designs is a fabulous paper studio of original illustrations, customizable prints, invitations, and stationary. I fell in love with Nella's ability to create a "customized silhouette print from a photo." What a neat idea! I just new this was the perfect family gift.

I purchased the customized silhouette online and once the purchase was complete I sent a follow up e-mail to Elizabeth (the designer behind Nella Designs) this picture of Ashley, Hudson, and Matt to transform in to the custom silhouette! Oh and I forgot to mention, part of the customization is the picking the background color of the print. I wasn't quite sure what color Ashley would say fit best in their house, so I sent her the block of all the colors and asked her to tell me what she would pick, without giving away the surprise!

The Photograph

Elizabeth is just as sweet and wonderful to work with you can't even begin to imagine. She is just as excited as you are about the finished product and makes your entire experience with Nella Designs perfect! Did I mention how quickly she responds to order acknowledgement and e-mails? Oh and not to forget how fast the proof arrived in my inbox and not long after the final product in my mailbox with plenty of time to spare before the birthday party!


How cool is that? And another plus, even though I purchased this online, I still ended up supporting a local business because Elizabeth also lives in SC! I forgot to take a picture of the print framed also framed the print for Matt, Ashley, and Hudson but in dealing with Miss T melt down in the hotel I forgot to take a picture. Everyone at the party gasped when Ashley opened the gift, doesn't that always make you feel good? Not only do you love the gift you gave, but so does everyone else!

I think this is the perfect engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday or family gift. I can't imagine someone not enjoying this gift! To view the entire collection visit Nella Designs website.

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  1. Katie, thanks so much for this sweet post! I so enjoyed working with you and hope to do so in the future. I'm so glad it was a huge hit at the party..that always makes me feel good!
    stay tuned in the next few weeks..I'll be having a giveaway on the ole blog :) Thanks again!