Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Game 2: USC v. UGA

As I am sure you are all aware football season is well under way now! Two weekends ago the USC Gamecocks played the Georgia Bulldogs in Columbia . This is always a huge game for both schools and unfortunately for the Gamecocks it doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like it, but this year we came away with a WIN!

It has been tradition since junior year of college for all of us girls to go in on two tailgating spots for the football season. As you can imagine each year since we graduated the number of girls has dwindled down since many have moved away, but somehow we have managed to keep a steady group of people guys are now included to continue to renew our two tailgating spots year after year. Many who have moved away seem to return for a couple of the games throughout the season and the Georgia game is always one of those games!

Last weekend was a blast. I miss having all my girlfriends in the same city, not to mention 8 of us living together in one house with 6 others living in the house right next door. Does any one else feel the same? I would do anything to go back to college. I had the time of my life with those girls and I am thankful each of every day for my college experience and to have truly met my best friends.

Lots of friends!

Weekends when there is a football game and everyone comes back in to town makes it feel like we are back in college. The days leading up to the game we spend hours e-mailing back and forth deciding on food to make, what time to meet, who’s driving, who’s bring this and who’s bringing that and the entire weekend is a fun time no matter the out of the game. This year it happened to be a WIN and we couldn’t be more excited, can you tell?

No football tailgate is any good without an abundance of food to last the entire day and of course a variety of drinks. This past weekend the game was at 12 noon which made for a very early morning and an early evening. Since we all planned on tailgating from breakfast time on we decided some of would make breakfast foods while others made lunch/snack foods for the afternoon.

I always like bringing something salty and something sweet. For this game I made 150 chicken nuggets, which I think are a tailgating staple and chocolate peanut butter brownies. I will tell you the brownies didn’t make it because someone left them in the truck of his car, I won’t mention any names but I am sure you can guess by the pronoun used in this sentence who’s to blame! I think he did it on purpose so he could take all of them home for himself. Oh well, its okay I cheated this time anyways and made brownies out of box, oh wait that’s what I always do, but I usually add a Symphony candy bars to mix. Follow this recipe for Symphony Brownies, it is my favorite and always seems to be a big hit with the entire crowd. Well I guess in all reality the group doesn’t have anything to compare the Symphony Brownies to since the brownies I made last weekend never made it, did I mention that?

Besides forgetting the brownies not like anyone noticed, the day was a total blast even though we thought we might all pass out from the heat!

Cooling off in the air conditioned truck!

I'll be missing the next few home Carolina football games, but just because I can't be there doesn't mean I won't be cheering them on! Let's go Gamecocks!!!

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